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Baby Massage 101​

Elina Furman, founder of Kahlmi

Is baby gassy, teething, not sleeping? Learn all the ins and outs of baby massage with this online printable massage course created by Elina Furman, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and the founder of Kahlmi. Baby massage is one of the most important and natural things parents can do to build a strong loving foundation and help their children develop both physically and emotionally. Not only will you learn quick techniques for tantrum taming, soothing sniffles, calming colic, relieving teething pains, and motor development exercises, you’ll also learn tried and true baby massage reflexology techniques.

What’s included:
  • Introduction to massage 
  • Benefits of baby massage 
  • Getting started 
  • Massage for sleep 
  • Massage for teething 
  • Massage for constipation & gas 
  • Massage for colds & immunity 
  • Foot massage basics

$20 Value

Postnatal Depletion Recovery Program

Hope Corbin, Maternal Wellness Coach

A holistic approach to improving the health and happiness of parents who are experiencing anxiety, depression, fatigue, burnout, health issues or simply struggling mentally and emotionally.

Postnatal Depletion is essentially the depletion caused by nutritional deficiencies, hormone shifts, lack of sleep and psychosocial factors relating to becoming a mother.

This 8 lesson course can be done entirely on your own time, so that you can go at your own pace and fit it into your busy life.

$197 Value

Bedsharing Beginner's Guide

Tiffany Belanger, founder of Cosleepy

This practical, research-backed guide will boost your confidence about being a modern parent with a baby in your bed. It’s formatted as a night-in-the-life to demonstrate how bedsharing safety, comfort, and logistics play out in real time, as the evening goes on. Use it as a launchpad to help you design your own nightly routine that everybody in the family loves!

$29 Value

My First Water Lesson

Jo Wilson, founder of Bath Babies

A first water sensory lesson for you and your baby. Jo takes you through a mindful bath time, with the aim to provide you with confidence and nurture. This video tutorial is easy to follow and full of ideas and water play.

$25 Value

Creeping and Crawling Assessment

In the Cortex

We will assess your creeping and crawling and tell you your primitive brain’s development percentage along with a report about what that means.

$97 Value

The Lost Art of Natural Parenting eBook

Tracy Gillet, founder of Raised Good

Forge your own path with The Lost Art of Natural Parenting. This 120-page eBook delivers evidence-based wisdom, practical knowledge, useful tools, and tips based on experience to help you raise your kids with connection, empathy and authenticity.

$27 Value

How I Healed Holistically From Postpartum Depression eBook

Hope Corbin, Maternal Wellness Coach

In this e-book, Hope shares her journey of healing and recovery from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, and the wisdom she used to take her from exhausted, sleep deprived, depressed, and anxious, to healthy, happy and thriving.

$12.99 Value

Create Your Ceremony

Megan Sheldon, founder of Be Ceremonial

Create a premium personalized ceremony in the Be Ceremonial app.

$7.99 Value


Jamilia Beasley, Birth and Postpartum Doula and Founder of Forpartum

One year access to the Beta version of the world’s first ever all-in-one postpartum wellness app.

Forpartum breaks away from the norm, providing comprehensive and personalized support through  six pillars of postpartum wellness: nutrition support, postpartum recovery, mental health support, mental well-being, nervous system care and community.

$119.99/year Value

Be the Calm in Your Child's Storm: How to Keep Your Cool When Your Child Loses Theirs

Dr. Sarah Bren, Clinical Psychologist

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn simple but powerful strategies for helping you stay cool in the heat of the moment by adjusting the way your body and brain interpret dysregulation (your child’s and your own) so you can parent from a calmer, centered, and more grounded place.

What you’ll learn:

→ Specific strategies and coping mechanisms for adjusting your mind and body’s response to dysregulation (your child’s or your own)
→ Exercises to combat common triggers that may be sabotaging your ability to stay calm and strengthen your ability to stay regulated in the heat of the moment
→ How to model these self-regulation skills to your child, fostering their resilience, distress tolerance, and overall mental wellness

$37 Value

Relationship Guide for New Parents

Dr. Britta Bushnell, Author and Childbirth Educator

This 14 page guide gives new parents actionable tools to support their relationship as a couple even during the often challenging time of early parenthood.

$20 Value

Nourishing Recipes for The New Mama- Meals for Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

Stefanie Adler, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Women’s Hormone and Fertility Expert

A collection of nutrient dense, fertility and hormone supportive recipes for women in their childbearing years!

$55 Value

The Sacred Body Reset

Stacey Ramsower, Somatic Practitioner Specializing in Holistic Health Care for Mothers

I created Sacred Body to support women in overcoming the indoctrinated fear of their innate power in body, mind, and spirit. Through my own practice of Somatic Experiencing, Yoga and Ayurveda, and the mysterious work of attending birth and postpartum healing, I have developed an approach to food ritual that has been life-changing for over a hundred women (and me!) Through this work of Somatic Ayurveda, you will transform your relationship to “bad” habits, cravings, feeding yourself, and most importantly, TRUSTING your instincts. I hope you enjoy this process as much as I do

$47 Value

Embodied Emotions: An Anger Workshop

Briar Culbert, Registered Psychotherapist

During this 1-hour workshop Briar, will walk you through the basics of understanding emotional fluency with the particular emotion of anger, and it’s cousins – irritation, frustration, rage, and resentment. The educational portion of the workshop comes first, with insightful questions to explore your unique relationship with anger. The second portion of the workshop guides your through a series of movement and breath practices to explore healthy expressions of anger. 

Briar uses real-life examples of how these movements can be used during your work, family, and personal time for increased well-being. A set of downloadable PDF handouts is also attached to this purchase; walking you through the content, reflection questions, and strategies explored in the workshop. 
It’s a jam-packed bundle of goodness to enhance your confidence in navigating both, your own anger and that of others. The workshop gives you real-life ideas and strategies to begin implementing today!

$25 Value

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Be sure to claim all the bonuses you want by March 16th. After that, the coupon codes will expire, and we are not able to give extensions.

The All Access Pass is only available until February 20th, and after that it will not be offered again. Click here to upgrade your ticket before it goes away for good!

We are not able to offer discounts, but know that you are getting an incredible value, even if you have several of the speaker bonuses already. 

The value of the All Access Pass is over $600 and even if you only signed up for 2-3 of the speaker bonuses, you’d still be saving compared to buying them at regular price

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