Somatic Practices for Embodied Parenting

Briar Culbert

In this session, get ready to learn somatic movements: swaying, shaking, punching, bouncing, and opening and closing the heart. The practice starts at 14 minutes in, so feel free to fast forward!


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Boundary workshop. Use code boundary for a 10$ discount! 

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Briar is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) and yoga and meditation teacher who works with individuals and offers group workshops in Ontario. She combines her training in counselling with her background in
movement, biochemistry, and ceremony to foster a truly holistic and integrative approach. Through Briar’s embodied practices, thoughtful questions, reflective space, and coaching, clients are offered a unique space for their growth. 

Outside of work, Briar is a mother, multi-passionate learner, movement instructor, and constantly learning through diverse topics. She ensures that her ideas in workshops and one-on-one sessions are always practical and applicable!


Embodied Emotions: An Anger Workshop

During this 1-hour workshop Briar, will walk you through the basics of understanding emotional fluency with the particular emotion of anger, and it’s cousins – irritation, frustration, rage, and resentment. The educational portion of the workshop comes first, with insightful questions to explore your unique relationship with anger. The second portion of the workshop guides your through a series of movement and breath practices to explore healthy expressions of anger. 

Briar uses real-life examples of how these movements can be used during your work, family, and personal time for increased well-being. A set of downloadable PDF handouts is also attached to this purchase; walking you through the content, reflection questions, and strategies explored in the workshop. 
It’s a jam-packed bundle of goodness to enhance your confidence in navigating both, your own anger and that of others. The workshop gives you real-life ideas and strategies to begin implementing today!

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