The Nurture Revolution Retreat

Opening Talk: Growing Your Mental Health Grows Your Baby's Mental Health

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum

This talk is a must watch before you start delving into the retreat sessions! It will give you the scientific background and main reasons as to why is ESSENTIAL to incorporate these practices into our lives.

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Hello! My name is Greer Kirshenbaum PhD. I am an author, neuroscientist, doula, infant and family sleep specialist, brain health educator and mother. 
I have created The Nurture Revolution. A movement to nurture our babies’ brains and our parent brains to revolutionize mental health and positively impact larger systems in our world. 
I am thrilled that you are here to learn and practice nervous system regulation in the season of infancy. As parents we can benefit so much from learning self awareness, learning about our emotions and practicing techniques to regulate our stress. In other words to learn true self care.  Nervous system regulation helps us stay away from overwhelm, resentment and burnout. It helps us show up for ourselves and show up for our babies so we can experience more joy and love and be the nurturing parents we want to be.


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