Start With Yourself: Tools for nervous system regulation

Paloma Garcia and Danielle Perrecone

Get ready for some easy and quick nervous system regulation practices!

What you will need: a glass of water


In the Cortex is pairing up with Greer to bring you the first-ever brain reorganization program!

The program is focused on parents learning to regulate from the root of their nervous system, reprogramming their subconscious beliefs, and guiding their children in their development all with the backing of a nurture-based practices informed by the last neurodevelopmental science. Sign up below!

Brain reorganization bundle

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Paloma is a founder brain coach at In the Cortex. She has 12 years of experience with brain reorganization and has worked in at-home and school-based settings with kids, teenagers, and adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental differences. She holds a Master’s degree in Neurorehabilitation and another in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. She has a passion for brain reorganization and has seen it work time and time again! Paloma knows the brain can change, and she can’t wait to show you how yours can too!

Danielle is the founding lead Brain Coach at In the Cortex, her mission is to share that the brain and limiting beliefs can change! We all have the power within us to control our emotions and responses to any and all situations. She is so excited to share how to get in touch with what we are all capable of. Anyone with a brain that wants their life to get easier, more joyful, and overall better can absolutely get there, and we can show you how!


Creeping and Crawling Assessment

We will assess your creeping and crawling and tell you your primitive brain’s development percentage along with a report about what that means.

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