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The encore weekend starts on Saturday at 5 am EST. All sessions will be live for 48 hours from Saturday at 5 am EST until Monday at 5 am EST. 

Kickoff Call: Monday February 12th at Noon EST


Opening Talk with Greer: Growing Your Mental Health to Grow your Baby’s Mental Health


Day 1 Nurturing Your Spirit: Tuesday February 13th

-Creating Your Own Rituals with Megan Sheldon, Co-Founder and CEO of Be Ceremonial WATCH NOW

-Natural Nurturing: Your guide to remembering nurturing practices through connection to Mother Earth with Gayle Berry, Founder of Tree Babies WATCH NOW

-Pregnancy Progressive Relaxation Meditation with Dr. Sayida Peprah-Wilson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Doula WATCH NOW

-Soul Mapping: An experiential exercise of remembering your soul, purpose and the connection that each one of us has to the ones who came before us with Rabbi Tova, Ritualist and Spiritual Counselor WATCH NOW

-How to Not Lose Yourself in Motherhood: Nurturing our evolving identity with Dr. Sarah Bren Licensed Clinical Psychologist WATCH NOW

-Saying the Unsaid: The dark side of parenting with Kavita Srinivasan WATCH NOW

Day 2 Nurturing Your Body: Wednesday February 14th

-Nourishing Your Adrenals Postpartum with Stefanie Adler, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Women’s Hormone and Fertility Expert WATCH NOW

-Comfort and Stretching for Cosleeping Parents with Tiffany Belanger, Founder of Cosleepy WATCH NOW

-Empowering Bonds: A Journey through African Babywearing Wisdom with an Occupational Therapist’s Insight with Busi Musiiwa WATCH NOW

-Meal Planning for Hormone Balance in the Postpartum Years with Maranda Bower, CEO and Founder of Postpartum University WATCH NOW

-How to Naturally Support Your Skin and Muscles to Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Scars (c-section) for the Long Term with Julie Clark, Skin Care Expert WATCH NOW 

Day 3 Nurturing Your Stress: Thursday February 15th

-Start With Yourself: Tools for nervous system regulation with Paloma Garcia and Danielle Perrecone, Founders of In the Cortex WATCH NOW

-Mindful Beginnings: Nurturing connection – Gentle parenting begins before birth with Tracy Donegan, Midwife and Founder of Gentle Birth WATCH NOW

-Breathwork for Nervous System Regulation with MJ Renshaw, Founder of The Being Method WATCH NOW

-Exploration of Breathwork For Parents with Jamilia Beasley, Birth and Pospartum Doula WATCH NOW

-Yoga for Nervous System Regulation with Natasha Marchand, Doula and Yoga Instructor WATCH NOW

-Somatic Practices for Embodied Parenting with Briar Culbert, Registered Psychotherapist WATCH NOW

Day 4 Nurturing Your Relationships: Friday February 16th

-Creating Beautiful Bonds with You in Water with Jo Wilson, Founder of Aqua Sensory and Bath Babies WATCH NOW

-Tending to the Intimate Relationship in Early Parenthood with Dr. Britta Bushnell, Author and Childbirth Educator WATCH NOW  

-Safety and Attunement in the Parenthood Journey (conception to postpartum) with Laura Latina, Midwife WATCH NOW

-The Importance of Touch & Baby Massage 101 with Elina Furman, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Creator of Kahlmi WATCH NOW

-Nurturing Your Confidence with Tracy Gillet, Founder of Raised Good WATCH NOW

Day 5 Nurturing Your Joy: Saturday February 17th

-Riding the Wild Edge: Making space for more joy in our parenting by tending to our grief with Stacey Ramsower, Somatic Practitioner Specializing in Holistic Health Care for Mothers WATCH NOW

-Drawing Health with Georgia Webber, Comics Artist WATCH NOW

-Nourishing Body and Soul through Conscious Movement with Hope Corbin, Maternal Wellness Coach and Conscious Movement Guide WATCH NOW

-Creative Journaling to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Artist and Midwife WATCH NOW

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