Meet the Co-organizers

Host and Co-organizer

Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD

Hello! My name is Greer Kirshenbaum PhD. I am an author, neuroscientist, doula, infant and family sleep specialist, brain health educator and mother. 
I have created The Nurture Revolution. A movement to nurture our babies’ brains and our parent brains to revolutionize mental health and positively impact larger systems in our world. 
I am thrilled that you are here to learn and practice nervous system regulation in the season of infancy. As parents we can benefit so much from learning self awareness, learning about our emotions and practicing techniques to regulate our stress. In other words to learn true self care.  Nervous system regulation helps us stay away from overwhelm, resentment and burnout. It helps us show up for ourselves and show up for our babies so we can experience more joy and love and be the nurturing parents we want to be.



Rocio Zunini, PhD

Hello, I am Rocío! A neuroscientist, parental brain educator and mother of two.

I am an avid supporter of the Nurture Revolution and of Greer’s work of love and so I am so thrilled and honored to be part of this retreat!

I am passionate about transformation that comes with matrescence/patrescence via the parental brain.  This retreat is the perfect catalyzer for the parental brain to  grow, evolve and adapt to the beautiful yet challenging experience of parenthood.  May your journey be filled with joy, fulfillment and resilience after this retrea


Meet Your Speakers

Day 1: Nurturing your Spirit

Megan Sheldon

Co-Founder and CEO of Be Ceremonial

Creating Your Own Rituals

Megan Sheldon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Be Ceremonial, a guided ritual app that empowers you to create your own ceremonies across the life cycle. Megan is a cultural mythologist, humanist celebrant and end-of-life doula who wants to empower people to acknowledge big and small moments of change.

With a focus on grief and loss, she is drawn to the seemingly invisible moments that are seldom recognized, such as infertility, pregnancy loss, relationship changes, and death anniversaries. Together with her husband, they created Be Ceremonial to inspire people with secular and universal rituals to mark moments in everyday life with intention and meaning.

Gayle Berry

Founder of Tree Babies

Natural Nuturing: Your guide to remembering nurturing practices through connection to Mother Earth

Gayle Berry is an award winning, international expert on parent and baby wellbeing in the field of nature and nurture. She has over 22 years experience as a leader, teacher, mentor, course creator and guide in the parent and baby wellness space.

For the last 22 years she has been teaching the power of love to parents and babies by creating space spaces for connection via nurturing touch, yoga and nature practices. She is the founder of Tree Babies which connects parents and babies back to nature.

She has trained over 2000 teachers to teach love to parents and babies across the world with three international branches and numerous charitable projects to give back with an estimate of impacting many millions of babies as a community.

Dr. Sayida Peprah-Wilson

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Doula

Pregnancy Progressive Relaxation Meditation

Dr. Sayida Peprah-Wilson is both a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Doula. She specializes in multicultural psychology, trauma, suicide prevention and maternal mental health. Dr. Sayida has had a multifaceted career as a psychologist having worked in community-based, in-home, psychiatric hospital, prison and private practice settings. She is also a trainer and consultant on topics of cultural humility, implicit bias and trauma as they impact mental and maternal health. Dr. Sayida is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization Diversity Uplifts, Inc. focused on improving the well-being of women, birthing people, children and families by supporting marginalized and minority communities, while increasing cultural competence and humility among providers who serve them.

Dr. Sayida’s work in maternal health includes serving as a co-director and trainer for the ​Frontline Doulas and the Sankofa Birthworkers Collective in Southern California. An advocate for human rights in childbirth, Dr. Sayida is a member of the Black Women Birthing Justice Collective and a Movement Partner with the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, promoting research, education and community-based services to positively transform the birthing experiences of black families. 

Rabbi Tova

Rabbi, Ritualist and Spiritual Counselor

Soul Mapping: An experiential exercise of remembering your soul, purpose and the connection that each one of us has to the ones who came before us

Tova Leibovic-Douglas (she/her) is a rabbi, ritualist, spiritual counselor, writer, educator, speaker, host of The Ritual House Podcast and consultant based in Los Angeles. She has created, developed, and implemented programs for many communities, including Community Mikveh at American Jewish University, Beit T’shuvah, Ikar, Miller Introduction to Judaism Program, NuRoots, Sinai Temple, and Camp Ramah.

Currently she is focused on her latest project, The Ritual House, which is a space helping begin a ritual revolution. Tova believes that each of us is a unique holy soul and is determined to build a world where everyone knows this truth and feels a sense of belonging. She received her BA in Jewish Gender Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a BA in Art History from Columbia University and is an alumn of several fellowships including the Center for Rabbinic Innovation, M2, and NewGround. Tova is also an Education Specialist and worked as a resource specialist before attending Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, where she earned her MA and ordination in 2018. Tova and her husband, Austin, are parents of Eve Meora and Nora Zahava, who teach them the art of living in the moment. She is an advocate for looking up at the moon and ritualizing the little things.

Dr. Sarah Bren

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

How to Not Lose Yourself in Motherhood: Nurturing Your Evolving Identity

Dr. Sarah Bren is a licensed clinical psychologist and mom of two who helps parents find a balanced approach between focusing on healthy child development and not losing sight of their own mental health–since neither can exist without the other. She equips parents with the tools to develop a personal parenting framework that allows them to respond effectively to any challenge and raise kids who are confident, resilient, and kind. Dr. Sarah is the host of the podcast Securely Attached and is the co-founder and clinical director of Upshur Bren Psychology Group in Pelham, NY, where she treats parents, children, and families.

Kavita Srinivasan

Certified Parenting Coach

Saying the Unsaid: The dark side of parenting

After spending over a decade in publishing as the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Middle East, HELLO! and MASALA!, Kavita resigned in November 2019. She was suffering from chronic Post Partum Distress that wasn’t abating despite her son being over three years old. It was through Dr Shefali Tsabary – Oprah’s go-to for Parenting – that she discovered what no therapist had been able to help with: her post partum distress was the result of deep childhood trauma and abandonment. Kavita grew up with a mentally unwell mother. Her illness was never diagnosed and she continued to deteriorate.

It is through her pain that Kavita discovered meaning. She studied under Dr Shefali Tsabary to become a ceritified Parenting Coach and is now pursuing her MA and PhD in Holistic Psychology, specialising in Adverse Childhood Experiences, Child Therapy and Trauma, at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Through her weekly columns in the Khaleej Times, Kavita tackles parenting and its challenges so we can raise whole and happy children. It is her deepest intention to help parents the way no one helped hers, so children receive the presence and nurture they truly deserve.

Day 2: Nurturing your Body

Stefanie Adler

Certified Nutrition Consultant, Women's Hormone and Fertility Expert

Nourishing Your Adrenals Postpartum

Stefanie Adler, is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Women’s Hormone and Fertility Expert, Podcast Host, and Birth Doula. Her practice focuses on supporting those with cycling bodies in balancing their hormones, healing their guts, living cycle-aligned lives, and all things babymaking. She is immensely passionate about giving women the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the modern world.

Tiffany Belanger

Founder of Cosleepy

Comfort and Stretching for Cosleeping Parents

Tiffany Belanger attended UCLA and adventured in the film and television industry prior to parenthood. In 2020 she founded Cosleepy, a cosleeping one-stop shop to help modern parents keep their babies safe and close at night.

Tiffany is a frequent guest on podcasts and blogs, and she was the focus of New York Magazine’s viral article “Are We All Secretly Co-sleeping?”

She’s completed training on normal infant sleep through Durham University and keeps up-to-date on emerging research.

Tiffany and her husband are currently bedsharing with their two little boys in Sacramento, California.

Maranda Bower

CEO and Founder of Postpartum University

Meal Planning for Hormone Balance in the Postpartum Years

Maranda Bower is the CEO and Founder of Postpartum University®, dedicated to empowering both mothers and professionals in redefining maternal well-being. With her extensive expertise in biology, nutrition, and perinatal mental health, she stands as a pioneering figure in the field.

Maranda possesses a profound understanding of the intricate physiological processes that underpin postpartum well-being. As a prolific researcher and accomplished author, including the bestselling book “Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness,” her impactful work extends globally. She’s also the founder of the Postpartum Nutrition Certification Program, the only functional nutrition certification dedicated to the unique period that is postpartum.

She lives in her beautiful homestead in Alaska with her husband, 4 children, and many unruly chickens.

Julie Clark

Skin Care Expert

How to Naturally Support Your Skin and Muscles to Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Scars (c-section) for the Long Term.

After struggling with severe allergies and eczema all her life, Julie was tired of not being able to find products and facials for her sensitive skin.

In 2010, Julie began studying Aromatherapy, Holistic Health, Herbal Medicine, and Aesthetics in Toronto. Here, she formed the foundation of her skincare + facial expertise .

In 2012, she started offering organic and holistic facials and formulating products for her treatments and facial clients and founded the organic skincare brand + spa, Province Apothecary. In 2022, she decided to get back into the treatment room and started offering organic facials in Thornbury, Meaford and Owen Sound because she missed working one on one with clients and helping individuals with their skincare issues and concerns.

Busi Musiiwa

Founder and CEO BabyBabue Carriers

Empowering Bonds: A Journey through African Babywearing Wisdom with an Occupational Therapist’s Insight

Growing up in Zimbabwe, using a carrier to hold a baby was a very basic skill that was taught at a young age. As a child, I carried my sisters, nieces and nephews. There was so much support and ritual surrounding the many stages of family life; it was so enriching to grow up in a community-centered culture.

When I had my own children while living in Canada I found myself straddling the culture I grew up in and the culture around me. I tried various carriers, but none of them were exactly what I wanted. Instead of completely accepting one culture and rejecting another, I set to work designing a hybrid carrier that would be a positive intersection of the two.

I drew on both my professional background as an Occupational Therapist and the rich heritage of babywearing found in Africa. Now with our different models of BabueBaby Carriers, we have the immense privilege of providing families with a way to all pursue daily life and adventures together, without short-term or long-term pain. Sourcing our fabrics directly from Africa, and employing local seamstresses here in Canada, we get to empower skilled workers from both of my homes! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting us be part of your parenting journey!

Day 3: Nurturing your Stress

Paloma Garcia and Danielle Perrecone

Founders of In the Cortex

Start With Yourself: Tools for Nervous System Regulation

Paloma is a founder brain coach at In the Cortex. She has 12 years of experience with brain reorganization and has worked in at-home and school-based settings with kids, teenagers, and adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental differences. She holds a Master’s degree in Neurorehabilitation and another in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. She has a passion for brain reorganization and has seen it work time and time again! Paloma knows the brain can change, and she can’t wait to show you how yours can too!

Danielle is the founding lead Brain Coach at In the Cortex, her mission is to share that the brain and limiting beliefs can change! We all have the power within us to control our emotions and responses to any and all situations. She is so excited to share how to get in touch with what we are all capable of. Anyone with a brain that wants their life to get easier, more joyful, and overall better can absolutely get there, and we can show you how!

Tracy Donegan

Midwife and Founder of Gentle Birth

Mindful Beginnings: Nurturing Connection – Gentle Parenting Begins Before Birth

Tracy Donegan is a midwife, mother, author, Founder of GentleBirth, FertileMind and the Mindful Breastfeeding program. Tracy has a special interest in the impact of meditation interventions on women and infant’s health and has been published in The Practicing Midwife. Her vision is to create an international community of intentionally conscious expectant parents who will lead the development of a new generation of a more conscious, compassionate, joyful society. Tracy lives in Texas with her two sons and husband Philip.

MJ Renshaw

Founder of The Being Method

Breathwork for Nervous System Regulation

I’m MJ Renshaw and I’m an energy healer, a medium, a breathwork facilitator, and the founder of The Being Method. I left my career of being an Osteopath to chase after my dreams of blending science and spirituality into a course. I wanted everyone to know all the amazing overlaps I had found between science and spirituality. I truly believe everyone is here to live their authentic lives. One of my biggest passions and goals is to inspire everyone to follow their dreams! Our lives are so short!

Jamilia Beasley

Birth and Pospartum Doula

Exploration of Breathwork For Parents 

Jamilia is a certified Birth/Postpartum Doula, Sleep Specialist, Yoga teacher, Women’s health mentor, Breathwork teacher, and Reiki practitioner. Her journey towards a Midwifery Degree is in progress. Motherhood has profoundly altered her perspective, emphasizing the critical need for enhanced support during the fourth trimester and beyond.

Committed to closing the gap in postpartum care, both locally and globally, Jamilia provides personalized support to new and expecting parents, focusing on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being during the postpartum period. She is also the founder of Forpartum, a platform dedicated to postpartum wellness.

Natasha Marchand

Doula, Yoga Instructor

Yoga for Yoga for Nervous System Regulation

With over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher, Natasha deeply understands the critical role that mind-body connection plays in growth and healing.

Natasha’s multifaceted approach incorporates her skills in solution-focused counselling, somatic coaching, hypnotherapy and yoga to empower individuals to become more resilient and establish a stronger connection with themselves. She specializes in helping people break free from codependent behaviours, such as people-pleasing and perfectionism while continuing to foster a commitment to values of kindness and connection.

As an advocate for women’s rights and reproductive health, she has dedicated over a decade of her life to working as a prenatal and postpartum doula, hypnobirthing practitioner, and yoga instructor for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.

Briar Culbert

Registered Psychotherapist

Somatic Practices for Embodied Parenting

Briar is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) and yoga and meditation teacher who works with individuals and offers group workshops in Ontario. She combines her training in counselling with her background in
movement, biochemistry, and ceremony to foster a truly holistic and integrative approach. Through Briar’s embodied practices, thoughtful questions, reflective space, and coaching, clients are offered a unique
space for their growth. 

Outside of work, Briar is a mother, multi-passionate learner, movement instructor, and constantly learning through diverse topics. She ensures that her ideas in workshops and one-on-one sessions are always practical and applicable!

Day 4: Nurturing your Relationships

Jo Wilson

Founder of Aqua Sensory and Bath Babies

Creating Beautiful Bonds with You in Water

Jo Wilson is a pioneer in the aquatic world, shaping baby and early years swim programs. She enjoys speaking at many International Conferences to help transform swim teaching to a more mindful and nurtured approach. Bath Babies is both her parent book and a new modality for the water. As both the Founder of Aqua Sensory and Bath Babies, Jo splits her time helping parents and professionals. Jo is based in the UK and together with her online work, runs two busy family swim centres with her Husband, Christian. Jo’s mission is to share her love of sensory harmony in water.

Dr. Britta Bushnell

Author and Childbirth Educator

Tending to the Intimate Relationship in Early Parenthood

Dr. Britta Bushnell (she/her) is a wife and mother, author of Transformed by Birth, childbirth educator as well as mentor to other birth professionals. She is also a celebrated speaker, ritualist, and mythologist, in addition to being a bit of a goofball and a natural potty mouth. As specialist in childbirth, relationship, and parenting for over 20 years, Dr. Bushnell has worked with individuals and couples as they prepare for the life-changing experience of giving birth.

When not working with parents, Britta loves spending time with her husband, Brent, and their adult children (when they are available) adventuring in the mountains, playing games, having deep conversations, or traveling the world and sometimes all at the same time.

Laura Latina


Safety and Attunement in the Parenthood Journey (conception to postpartum)

Laura Latina is a midwife with 15+ years of international experience. Graduated in Midwifery in Verona (Italy) in 2008, she then completed her first assignment in Burundi with an Italian charity where she trained midwives and set up a project to reduce unnecessary interventions and medicalisation of birth. She continued her work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a supervisor of a maternity hospital in Malawi in 2010 and then in South Sudan and Kenya in 2011.

In London from 2012 to 2016, Laura worked as a community midwife and later as a midwifery team leader with Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. She also completed a Master’s degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
In 2015, Laura completed her fourth MSF assignment in Afghanistan as a manager of a maternity hospital where more than 20.000 women (per year) give birth.

Laura is currently interning at Compassionate Inquiry, a somatic based psychotherapy developed by Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam kaur. Laura is working as an independent consultant around the world preventing birth trauma, medicalisation of birth and promoting a culture of gentle, respectful births and parenthood.

Elina Furman

Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Creator of Kahlmi

The Importance of Touch & Baby Massage 101

Elina Furman is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with over 15 years in the baby products industry. She is deeply passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of infant/child massage and earned her infant massage certification after talking to many parents who were confused and bewildered about how to perform baby massage.

As a baby massage massage expert and creator of Kahlmi, the 1st baby massage brand, she has conducted education for such brands as Lovevery, Legendairy Milk, Mama Glow many others and has been featured in Fast Company, Byrdie, and VeryWell Family and countless morning shows. Her book “101 Natural Baby Hacks” is slated for release in the Fall of 2024.

Tracy Gillet

Founder of Raised Good

Nurturing Your Confidence

Tracy Gillett is an adventure-loving mum, writer and natural parenting advocate. Originally from Australia, she now lives on an island on the west coast of Canada, with her husband and young son. She is the founder of Raised Good, an award-winning blog and community that supports and empowers parents to trust and follow their instincts. Tracy is the author of The Lost Art of Natural Parenting, and the host of the annual Raised Good Online Summit. On her website you will also find free resources, digital sleep guides, courses, a natural parenting membership community called Gather and more. 

Day 5: Nurturing your Joy

Stacey Ramsower

Somatic Practitioner Specializing in Holistic Health Care for Mothers

Riding the Wild Edge: Making space for more joy in our parenting by tending to our grief

Stacey Ramsower is a somatic practitioner specializing in holistic health care for Mothers. Through Somatic Experiencing, Ayurveda, and Depth Psychology, Stacey guides women through the shadow lands of pregnancy, birth, and Motherhood to find more courage and more agency in their relationships, work, and identity as Mothers.

She believes that Mothers have the innate power to transform our global dynamic of domination in favor of partnership when they have made peace with themselves, body, mind, and soul. When women find their voice and the seat of their true power in the depths of their physical transformation and soul expansion of Motherhood, our children and our planet will return to thriving.

With a Masters in Psychology, Somatic Sex Educator and Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver certifications, as well as ongoing Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training, Stacey has supported hundreds of women to transform their relationship to their bodies, food, sex, trauma, and held space for the births of over 40 babies. She is a life-long dancer and can usually be found rolling around on the floor or booty shaking to pretty much anything. Lately, she’s singing a lot of the Frozen soundtrack with her two children.

Georgia Webber

Comics Artist

Drawing Health

Georgia Webber is a comics artist and health explorer who teaches what she practices: an approach to creativity that takes our whole self into account.

Georgia is best known for her debut graphic memoir, Dumb: Living Without a Voice (Fantagraphics 2018), the chronicle of her severe vocal injury and sustained vocal condition which causes her pain from using her voice. This difficult experience lead her to work as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, a meditation facilitator, and as an improvising musician, blending elements of healthcare, body awareness and creative expression within constraints. She has extended her love of the voice into the community with a project called MAW Vocal Arts.

Hope Corbin

Maternal Wellness Coach and Conscious Movement Guide

Nourishing Body and Soul through Conscious Movement

Hope is a survivor of severe postpartum depression and anxiety. She didn’t find a lot of help or support for her condition in the western medical system so spent a lot of time googling and researching holistic methods of recovery and healing.

This led her to take the INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training with Rachelle Seliga Garcia, to train with both Irene Lyon and Dr. Scott Lyons in trauma and nervous system healing, work with Belief Repatterning™ coaches, and explore many other traditional forms of healing. She is a Maternal Wellness Coach and Postpartum Care Practitioner, with a passion for deeply nurturing mothers and supporting them through hands on healing. She shares the wisdom she has discovered on her journey on her Thriving Mamas podcast.

She is also a Conscious Dance facilitator and trainer, and has merged her love Mother Circles with Conscious Movement in her signature offering MotherMovement.

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs

Artist and Midwife

Creative Journaling to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Laura is an artist, midwife, award-winning author and birth activist, combining her artistic and healthcare practice, to bring fresh interdisciplinary perspectives to support people going through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

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